Everyone in Edmonton Has a Mac Demarco Story

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Okay so here's how it goes. I'll meet someone from Edmonton, we'll get talking about art or work or something, and then sooner or later the conversation finds its way to "jizz jazz" hero, Mac Demarco. And whoever I'm talking to has a story—they met him, they know him, their mom made out with him after a show, etc. etc. 

Before I'd even heard any of his music, a guy at a party was telling me about Mac's brother. "He actually does ballet," he said, "just like in the song, haha." They grew up in the same neighbourhood, and this guy knew Mac as his 'friend's older brother.' We ended up making out later that night, but that's beside the point.

Recently I met a guy on Tinder and after a bit of chatting on the app, we swapped phone numbers. I made a joke about Demarco's music (since everyone with a Tinder account has him listed as a 'mutual interest'), and the guy said "hang on a sec." He then sent me a screencap of his mom FaceTiming with Mac. 

A few months before that, a couple of my friends posted photos to Instagram of them grinning beside the man himself. 

I can't even tell you how many times similar things have happened. How is it possible that everyone in the city has some wacky story about running into and/or knowing Mac Demarco? This man really knows how to get around. 




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