Where to Get a Slice in Edmonton

When you're the only one craving pizza


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If you're like me, then you think pizza is always a good idea. But maybe your friends are all off to some expensive tapas place across town? Do your own thing! Go grab a slice! Here are three great pizza places to grab a single, if you're going single tonight. 

Checkers Pizza- 10658- 82 Ave NW

Checkers is serving up some of the heartiest, thickest slices of pizza in Edmonton. This is your place if you like a good soft, doughy slice. 

LOVEPIZZA- 10196- 109 St NW

LOVEPIZZA's name truly says it all. These people love pizza, and they love it right. Unlimited toppings, excellent prices, and DELICIOUS slices. If you're in the area, this is the winner!

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Steel Wheels Pizzeria- 10307- 85 Ave NW


Steel Wheels has a delicious menu. They don't only have pizza—their menu is also loaded with great Korean dishes. The pizza slices are on the small side so maybe get one more than you'd usually go for!


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